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Religion as a mental disease

Religion is a mental illness. It makes all kinds of silly claims based not on evidence, but on wishful thinking, it makes the most absurd and arbitrary demands of its followers, and threatens ludicrous punishment if those demands are not followed, and shows utter contempt for rational thinking and a never ending urge to impose itself not only on believers, but also onto nonbelievers.

Religion is transparently a racket intended to control, manipulate and exploit people, this should be obvious to anyone capable of the most minute amounts of critical thinking.

Despite the tendency of human beings to be credulous and uncritical fools, it still seems that the standards of rigour applied to religion are even lower than those applied to any other aspects of our lives.

Just because a delusion is a mass delusion doesn’t make it any less of a mental illness.

The God of the Old Testament was all kick ass and plagues, the New Testament God is all love, forgiveness and shit. Either he got laid or he got some really good weed. – Paraphrased from GuaranteedDownVote in reddit

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