cat -v harmful stuff

Encyclopedia of things considered harmful

The world is full of things that most people think are OK or even good, when in reality are either evil or plain stupid.

This is my humble contribution to attempt to collect all the things that bother me, the goal is not to offend anyone but entertain and try to dispel widespread silly ideas that infest our minds and perhaps in while doing that make the world a bit more reasonable and pleasant place to live in.

No attempt has been made to be uncontroversial or politically correct.

If you think I’m missing anything important, please feel free to write an article about it and if I agree I will be happy to add it to this site.

Note: I just got started, there are hundreds of things I would like to cover, I will try to add a new entry every other day or so, for updates see the blog.

The main sections so far are:

You can also find other items in the left sidebar.

Items that I hope to cover in the future include: SQL, football, the Matrix, svn*, postmodernism, gnu, religion, vi, education, apache, political correctness*, respect, string theory, security circus*, complexity, locales, ‘organic’ foods and farming, BoM, ethanol, equality, TSA*, egalitarianism, metadata, ‘feel good’ logic, ban of trade in endangered species, labour theory of value, …

* Already started items.

Please enjoy this culturally, ethnically, religiously, and politically correct cartoon responsibly, thank you

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