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What’s harmful about Google?

Anonymous 10/19/15 (Mon) 18:01:02 No. 416982


liking any corporation ever

thinking a structure where key people are constantly replaced and everyone has to fake doing good work to not get fired / replaced has any stable identity

but other than that Google has been pretty reliable and fair to their users.

okay, now fuck off.

Google is just another corporation. The problem is lots of le geeks fap about Google because it’s Super Innovative etc. The only useful thing Google ever did was make a search engine that wasn’t buggy and filled with annoying ads as the other ones. That was the in the early 2000s.

But now all the search engines are pretty much the same. Also Bing* actually has a feature to turn off safe search. Google slowly fazed out that option and replaced it with some bullshit that turns off safe search for your search if you add"porn" or some trigger word to your search. Also Google used to like actually show pages that contain the words you search. Now it just"knows what you mean" and pulls up some completely irrelevant garbage almost every fucking time.

Another innovation brought to you by Google is the prevelance of this Recaptcha trash on every fucking page of the internet. Pretty much half the time the captcha will be 3 numbers. The rest of the time it’s either one of:

o Picture captcha - select all 4 of the images with street signs, but there are only actually 3 images with street signs here. Please repeat the same scenario 3-15 more times so we can see that you aren’t a robot. Similar scenarios with burgers and ice cream. Also note that this captcha only appears when the I’m not a robot button failed (I’ve never seen it not fail… even without tor and on Windows). The"I’m not a robot" button is essentially DRM. You must have a conforming browser so they can see that the series of input/output events looks statistically like a human. The problem here is conforming browser simply means Firefox, Chrome, or IE or one of the other big ones. You cannot possibly make a browser from scratch and have it pass this button test. If you can, it means the button test is trivial to defeat. But I assume that’s not the case, and it relies on the behavior of millions of lines of code in Firefox/Chrome/etc.

o Nazi word captcha - Usually full of rnmrnrnmrnmrnmrnmr uvuvuvuvuvuwuwvuwwvu etc. They succeed 99% of the time at building a completely ambiguous string which your answer depends on which order you read the characters in, whether you look ahead, the amount of time you spend re-reading the captcha, the mood you’re in, etc. You are almost guaranteed to fail this captcha unless you retry it like 15 times or it’s on fuzzy mode and it just accepts a string that’s similar to the captcha shown (for example is on fuzzy mode for some reason, I have no idea how this is activated or if google just decides will have this mode activated for some reason).

o They just block you depending on which tor exit node you use. There’s nothing more ironic than blocking people from using your captcha.

Worse yet, Google seems to be the ones who started the fad of requiring a cell phone to sign up to a fucking website. And they brought that cancer to youtube. Fuck that shit right off. I still have a gmail account I registered before they switched to requiring cell phone to sign up. It’s still annoying as fuck to use because they are constantly threatening that they’re going to give someone my account because they added secret question/cellphone/etc backdoor #35782357823 to my account or the XSS of the day (yes, Google routinely has XSS vulns too, even trivial ones, despite that they are super leet haxors. WTF do you expect? It’s a corporation and software companies are not responsible for security errors - they can just appeal to"Security is Hard" every time).


The open source community is utter shit regardless.

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