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Even asshats can get it right

Cory Doctorow is one of the most obnoxiously abhorrent ‘personality’ of the ‘blogsphere’, but even he can see something is very wrong with the so called ‘intellectual property’. He has written a short article for The Gurdiang(sic) titled: “Intellectual property” is a silly euphemism.

Of course he still thinks government should regulate information and knowledge (for our own good, as usual), to save ourselves from our own wicked thoughts Oh, no wait, I bet my hat it is to save us from the abuse of those evil corporations! because we all know special interests could never manipulate government regulation to further their… well, special interests. Again the lack of understanding of the most basic economic principles (regulatory capture in particular) shows.

Still, it is a positive development when more people come to realize the ‘property’ paradigm becomes a pathetic caricature of itself when applied to information and knowledge.