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The sick wacko

Cato@Liberty asks: Is Michael Moore Sicko or Wacko?

But those are facts, facts, facts… don’t bother me with facts! Socialist-healthcare makes me feel good, so it must be good.

Nevermind that it is the government who totally fucked up the healthcare system in the first place and now people expect that by having government completely take healthcare over it will make things any better… yea, because you want to put your healthcare in the hands of the same people that run FEMA, the iraq war, the war on drugs, the education system, and the US post, wonderful idea.

And just wait for the next religious wacko to get to the white house and after they keep pushing abstinence only sex education (as someone put it ‘just hold it potty training’) they will push faith healing and prayer to cure cancer, I’m sure that will work great, because government always makes the right choices for you.