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Ruby is Not Even Funny

Ruby is Scheme mated with Perl in such a way that the best genes of both failed to exert a phenotype.

    -- frumious in reddit

At least Perl is hilarious. Ruby does not have the redeeming quality of being funny.

irb(main):003:0> ''.methods.length
=> 176

ruby is what happens when some kid learns java then looks at perl and thinks ‘I can fix this!’.

    -- kfx

I’ve recently come back to java after around 5-ish years doing mostly ruby. Know what? It’s been a breath of fresh air.” – user rufugee in Hacker News

Ruby’s Astonishing Performance

Everything you heard about Ruby being slow is not true. It’s about twice as slow as that” – Ex-perl hacker now working with Rails

Ruby performance tuning really feels like trying to get the best miles per gallon out of a tricycle.” – David R. MacIver

Ruby performance tuning also feels like trying to bail out the ocean.” – David R. MacIver

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails, the PHP of a new generation.” – beefhooked

Rails Is A Ghetto - Legendary rant by Zed Shaw.

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