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I Don’t Fucking Care About the Children

18 December 2002

There. I said it. I don’t care about “the children” - and I don’t care about
protecting themselves. Keep your fucking plastic plates away from my outlets.
Keep your petitions to shut down the porno houses away from me, let I tear them
to bits and urinate upon them. If you tell me to throw away my books, violent
movies and games, or the like to keep the minds of children clean - I will tell
you to shove your head up your ass, fucker. This insane quest to protect “The
Children” is absurd! We coddle and we coddle the damn things and they still
turn out maladjusted… wait, maybe they wouldn’t turn out maladjusted if they
weren’t coddled! When children used to scream or throw tantrums or beat up
other children - they were usually PUNISHED! What a novel concept! Punishment!
Negative reinforcement for negative actions - how novel!

Worst of all, is the foisting of the care and proper raising of these wastes of
sperm and egg onto the populace at large! This is of course, when it doesn’t
involve the actual mental raising of the child - such as setting limits, or
telling the damn thing what it can or cannot do. That will damage it’s precious
self-esteem! We can’t have that, can we?! So, if we can’t tell the child
they’re doing something wrong, dangerous or illegal - what can we do? We can
immediately cease and desist all enjoyable activities that children either
cannot, or shoud not be involved in. Activities such as reading books with foul
language, playing violent games, watching porn, having pre-marital sex, eating
unhealthy foods, or thinking for ourselves.

Meanwhile, the parents will continue to funnel McDonalds and Easy Mac into
junior’s gaping maw because it’s easier than cooking a healthy meal. They will
continue to bitch about what’s on the television to politicians while letting
junior sit in front of it for 6 hours a day. They complain about women getting
abortions, because it “kills precious babies” while letting unwanted children
rot in orphanages and state care. They complain about people who say fuck in
public, while seeing nothing wrong with assualting anyone who dares tell their
child the simple word “No.” They constantly buy all the newest plastic
kindercrap, that junior is just going to play with for five minutes, then throw
it on the pile. This is the future? A world of spoiled brats who don’t know how
to control themselves above being able to hold in their shit until they can
find a toilet. A world of morons who blame everyone but themselves for their
own shortcomings. A world of closed-minded fuckers who refuse to budge from the
Staus Quo?

For the love of God, I can’t take that! I can’t fucking deal with that shit.
It’s not that I want to kill kids. That would involve being near the little
buggers long enough to get off a shot. I support public education - assuming
it’s good education, and not a glorfied state babysitter who can’t give a child
an F without getting reamed by both the parents and the administration. I
support socialized health care for everyone - adult and child. That doesn’t
mean I think we should suck up and kiss ass to anyone with half a brain and
proof of a functioning reproductive system (i.e. a child). Parenting is the
parent’s responsibility - not mine, not the government’s. Don’t pass the buck
to me, for fuck’s sake. I’m not making you do my computer science homework, so
don’t make me suffer the atonal screamings of your twatrocket while I’m trying
to eat, and don’t make my put up with your spoiled sprogling demanding what he
can’t get.

It is not my job, fuckers. Parent your own damn children!

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