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Global warming scaremongering

Anyone that questions that there is global warming is seriously delusional. But anyone who gets their scientific information from a ‘documentary’ by a politician is just as delusional.

While there is no doubt that global warming is real, and there is no doubt either that human activity is at the very least one of the main factors contributing to it, it is not clear at all what the midium/long term consequences of global warming will be. That is reason enough to be careful, but only fools (or people with other agendas, like politicians and huge subsidized agribusiness ethanol producers) jump into scaremongering.

Of course in the end everyone will believe whatever they want to believe, and reality and science be damned.

There is a reason most scientists hate to speak to the media, they are systematically quoted out of context and manipulated for all kinds of agendas, of course that makes things even worse as most people can’t be bothered to read scientific journals or go to scientific conferences for themselves, or much more importantly, don’t understand how science works at all.