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The Secret of the Amazing Linux Development Process

The maintainer of Ubuntu’s Eee PC ACPI Utils has finally seen the light, and after much arduous work, pain, suffering and woe, has discovered the secret of the Linux development model:

Instead of moving forward with every release, they have the uncanny ability to take Linux back in time by piling code that doesn’t work on top of more code that doesn’t work until they have turned their OS into a garbage salad.

But how did he archive this degree of enlightenment? (No, not thatenlightnment’!) It seems that our beloved folks and their magical code helped him find the path to nirvana:

xrandr --output UBUNTU --mode SUCKS && echo YEP

And the Gods answer comes: ‘YEP’!

But maybe there is hope, he ends in a positive and optimistic note:

Maybe the kernel team will actually learn how to write modules that work and don’t duplicate code and functions like rfkill, and perhaps the xorg team will focus on real issues like making drivers that actually work rather than changing how you configure it 3 times in 3 releases.

Or maybe not…

Maybe I should buy a copy of Windows 7, I hear that it actually works. How can we expect non-techical users to use this pile of garbage that is “Linux”?

What I wonder is how technical users and programmers put up with a system that seems designed and built from the ground up for rabid masochists.

So if you are feeling masochistic, go read the whole rant, rarely one sees so much truth abut Linux development in one place.